Homeschool Space Ideas

Homeschool Space Ideas from Homeschool Iowa

Homeschool space set up can be an exciting prospect or a daunting task. Our Homeschool Iowa team offers the latest homeschool space ideas and tips.

Homeschool Stress Relief

Homeschool Stress Relief

Homeschool stress relief tips can change chaos to calm and pressure to peace. Try some or all of our 7 options for stress relief!

Start Homeschooling Tool Kit

Start Homeschooling Tool Kit: Resources to Help You Begin Homeschooling

Our Start Homeschooling Tool Kit contains our top Homeschool Iowa resources on how to begin homeschooling your child.

2022 Conference

Welcome Home 2022 Homeschool Iowa Conference

The Welcome Home 2022 Homeschool Iowa Conference on June 10-11 in West Des Moines is the event of the year for Iowa homeschooling families.

Leader Retreat 2022

2022 Homeschool Iowa Leader Retreat: Leading with Joy

Our Homeschool Iowa Leader Retreat 2021 is THE event of the year for homeschool support group leaders in Iowa. Find out more!

Legal Help for Homeschoolers

Legal Help for Homeschoolers

Legal help for homeschoolers is available! When you need a helping hand with legal issues, Home School Legal Defense Association is there for you!

Homeschool Iowa Member Benefits In Use

Homeschool Iowa Member Benefits in Use

Homeschool Iowa members receive an impressive list of benefits. Enjoy some real-life stories from our members on how they’ve used these helpful benefits to improve their homeschooling efforts.

Who Is Homeschool Iowa?

Who is Homeschool Iowa? Meet our team of amazing volunteers and staff that partners with you, the homeschooling families of Homeschool Iowa!