Back to School: Homeschool Style

It’s Back to School Homeschool Style! Here are 5 ways to prepare for a successful year, covering styles, tools, schedules, legal, & connection.

Celebrate Your New Homeschool Year

Celebrate your new homeschool year using these ideas from our guest blogger, Brigitte. Fun photos, homeschool vision boards, and more!

3 Real-Life Homeschool Benefits

How about some actual examples of the “real-life” benefits of homeschooling? This Iowa homeschooling mom offers recent samples.

6 Suggestions for Summer Sanity

6 Suggestions for Summer Sanity

“Summertime, and the living is easy.” So go the words in the well-known song. But in our often hectic modern times, summertime is anything but easy. Here are some tips for summer sanity.

Bending Our Schedules to Accommodate Their Learning Excursions

It was time for me to fetch my daughter for her English work – because we all know how important English is, right?! I found her sitting in her favorite chair in the sunshine making a list of all the books of the Bible. And, not only was she going to list all of the the books of the Bible, … Read More