Choose Curriculum

What is "curriculum?"

"Curriculum" -- actually "curricula" (the plural form!) is your educational program, set of courses, or resource materials.

Upon what should you base your curriculum selections? The answers to this question will be founded upon what you’ve learned in the last three page of this Start Homeschooling guide.

Your curriculum selections bill be based upon:

  • Your child's learning style
  • Your teaching style or approach
  • Your goals for your child

Let children feed on the good, the excellent, the great.
-Susan Schaeffer MaCaulay

What are some tips on choosing curriculum?
  • Place a high priority on the basics: reading, math, and language.
  • Add extras as you become acclimated to the process.
  • Every home educator makes mistakes when buying curriculum.
  • Most of us buy too much!
  • Avoid curriculum that requires more teacher preparation than you are willing to do.
  • Just because a curriculum resource works well for someone else, it might not necessarily work for you or for your child.
  • If you don't like the material or its presentation, you'll probably not use it faithfully or effectively – no matter how good it is.
  • Keep in mind that there is no "perfect" curriculum. Remember that curriculum resources are just tools – they are often less important than other elements of your home school.
  • By the grace of God, with a bit of effort, creativity, and devotion, you can teach your child effectively – with any curriculum He provides!
  • Seek wisdom from Him as you make your selections.

© 2018 Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators & Julie Naberhaus adapted from "The ABC's of Homeschooling in Iowa" by Julie Naberhaus