We're ready now to organize and prepare for your homeschooling adventure. 

We'll start with a list of ingredients for homeschool success. 

Then, we'll offer tips to help you get organized,
questions to direct your management decisions,
and suggestions to help your homeschooling go smoothly.  

Ingredients for HomeSchool SUCCESS:

Ingredients for Homeschool Success
  • A willing and hopeful attitude
  • A sense of humor
  • Discipline and commitment to success
  • Connection and encouragement
  • Resistance to comparing your homeschool and/or your children to others'
  • Rejection of the false expectation that homeschooling brings perfect results in every circumstance
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Family unity and aligned goals
  • Well-ordered priorities
  • Prayer

Homeschool Organization Tips

Homeschool Organization Tips

Managing Your Home School

WHO will teach your children?
  • Mom? Dad? Both?
  • Outside tutors or teachers?
  • Cooperative group teaching?

WHERE will your child work?
  • Does your child need a lot of assistance and direction?
  • Does your child need a quiet location with few distractions?

WHEN will you teach?
As long as you meet the minimum legal requirements (CPI requires at least 148 days per school year, at least 37 days each school quarter), you can design any plan that works for your family.

HOW scheduled will you be?
  • Every family has a unique level that works best.
  • No matter how scheduled or relaxed you are, you'll find daily established routines are helpful tools.

Preparing & Planning for Your Homeschool


© Homeschool Iowa & Julie Naberhaus adapted from "The ABC's of Homeschooling in Iowa" by Julie Naberhaus


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