3 Reasons Homeschoolers Should Volunteer

3 Reasons Homeschoolers Should Volunteer

Reasons to volunteer?
Samantha Roth, 
who has served as a 
Homeschool Iowa Conference volunteer
would like to share three of them with you. 

As a homeschool graduate, I loved volunteering at the Homeschool Iowa Conference last year. It prompted me to think of the reasons why volunteering matters, both as a follower of Christ and as a homeschooler.

Working alongside other teenage volunteers at the conference brought to mind three reasons why homeschoolers should volunteer, whether that’s with Homeschool Iowa, in your local church, or in the community as a whole.

#1 Way to Inspire Your Child to Love Learning

Shows God’s Love to Others

Reason #1 homeschoolers should volunteer

Homeschoolers should volunteer to show God's love to others.

The first and best reason homeschoolers should volunteer is that it shows God’s love to others.

As the old saying reminds us, actions do speak louder than words. When we volunteer to serve others, we are letting our love for God and the people he created spill out into the world. I saw that in action with all of the volunteers helping in various roles at the conference.

Whether your volunteer work has a small or large impact, it is a great way for your family to be ambassadors for Christ.

#2 Way to Inspire Your Child to Love Learning

Promotes Homeschooling

Reason #2 homeschoolers should volunteer

Homeschoolers should volunteer to promote homeschooling

As homeschoolers, when we volunteer, we are not only being ambassadors for God but also representatives for homeschooling.

Seeing children or youth willingly volunteering their time to help others makes an impact in our communities and goes against our culture’s self-centered focus. I have noticed people adopting a more positive view of homeschooling when they are served by homeschoolers who care about their communities.

#3 Way to Inspire Your Child to Love Learning

Teaches Us How to Serve

Reason #3 homeschoolers should volunteer
Use reading journals to help your child learn to love learning.

The last reason I thought of is that volunteering teaches us how to serve.

Children can learn how to serve others alongside their parents at a very young age. Volunteering with your children is an excellent way to teach by example.

In addition to learning how to serve, volunteering often teaches you new things. The hospitality volunteers at the Homeschool Iowa Conference had the opportunity to listen and learn from speakers in the sessions they were helping with. I know that I have learned many things volunteering at the conference that I would not have learned otherwise.

Why Volunteer?
The Answer Is Clear!

What are the reasons homeschoolers should volunteer?
Homeschoolers should volunteer to serve others!

Volunteering is a great way we can serve other people in our communities while representing homeschooling in a positive way. Wherever you choose to volunteer with your family, you are being the hands and feet of Jesus to those you serve.

Maybe we’ll even see you at the conference next year!


Samantha Roth

Samantha Roth is a homeschool graduate and writer who is passionate about connecting with people through story. She attributes her love of books to her family’s literature-rich curriculum and is still fascinated by learning, faith, and imagination. You can learn more about her writing and connect with her at SamanthaRothWriting.com.


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