Cultivating Unity Among Siblings

Cultivating Unity Among Siblings in your Homeschooling Family

Cultivating unity among siblings in your homeschool family? Guest blog author and featured conference speaker, Ginger Hubbard, shares how.

A Homeschool Challenge We Still Must Face

Homeschooling is here to stay, but we still face challenges. Our guest blog author and Homeschool Iowa Conference speaker, HSLDA President, Jim Mason, shares one of them.

Pastors Partner with Homeschool Iowa

Pastors Partner with Homeschool Iowa

Pastors can partner with Homeschool Iowa by attending our Pastors’ Conference offering information, resources, and connection. Invite your pastor to participate!

Letters to Lawmakers

Letters to Lawmakers: A student Project with Impact!

Letters to Lawmakers is a simple but impactful project that you can use to help your children bring joy to our elected state officials.

Advocacy Efforts for 2024

Homeschool Iowa Advocacy Top Priorities for 2024

Advocacy efforts for 2024 are well underway. We’re dedicated to protecting and enhancing your rights and freedoms to homeschool in Iowa.

Fueling for the Future

Fueling for the Future is your opportunity to be a part of Homeschool Iowa efforts to support and protect homeschooling families in Iowa.