Dressed for Encouragement

Dressed for Encouragement in Your Homeschool

Dressed for encouragement? That’s Todd Wilson’s homeschool clothing tip for homeschoolers, and you’ll smile when you learn why.

Homeschooling with Technology

Homeschooling with Technology

Homeschooling with technology can be a challenge. Kathy Koch warns against 5 Tech Lies and shares 5 Tech Tips for using technology wisely.

Planning for Homeschool High School

Planning for Homeschool High School: The Big Picture

Planning for homeschool high school requires a “big picture” approach. Kristin Lackie shares 3 vital guidelines to help you plan effectively.

The Amazing Chemistry Show

The Amazing Chemistry Show will be on Friday, June 9, 2023, at the RecPlex in West Des Moines.

The Amazing Chemistry Show will amaze and engage your family Join us for this fast-paced science stage production on Friday, June 9th.

Homeschool High School Diplomas

How does a homeschool student get a diploma?

Homeschool high school diplomas can be issued by home educating parents. Information and resource links are provided in this helpful blog post.

Letters to Lawmakers

Letters to Lawmakers: A student Project with Impact!

Letters to Lawmakers is a simple but impactful project that you can use to help your children bring joy to our elected state officials.

Leader Retreat 2023

Our Homeschool Iowa Leader Retreat 2023, Courageous Leadership, is THE event of the year for homeschool leaders in our state.