Our Homeschool Iowa lobbyist, Bill Gustoff, and Advocacy Team is continually working with legislators and administrative officials to protect homeschool interests and freedom.
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Tuition and Textbook Tax Credits for Iowa Homeschool Families Update

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Enjoy this video by our Homeschool Iowa lobbyist, Bill Gustoff, highlighting a success in the 2021 Legislative Session.  
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Legislation Related to Homeschooling

The Iowa Legislature operates from January to late spring within a 2-year General Assembly framework and scheduled deadline rules.

A General Assembly is a legislative period that consists of two regular legislative sessions.

The first session of a General Assembly is held in odd-numbered years for approximately 110 calendar days. The second session is held in even-numbered years for approximately 100 calendar days.

When the new General Assembly convenes, we will begin to add bills that can potentially affect Iowa homeschooling families.

As the calendar year progresses, some of the bills listed may no longer be under active consideration because they failed to make their way through scheduled Legislature "funnel" deadlines.

As bills are added, you can click on the link provided at the bottom of each bill description below to view the current status of the bill.

Bills We're watching

Iowa Homeschool Legislation

Our Homeschool Iowa Advocacy Team is dedicated to promoting homeschool freedom and monitoring threats to homeschooling liberties in our state.

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