Our conference  offers an exceptional line-up of speakers with workshops covering a wide variety of topics related to your homeschooling efforts.

We invite conference speakers who present messages of hope and encouragement along with plenty of practical ideas and insight to help you teach, nurture, and develop the gifts in your child.

You'll leave our conference refreshed, re-energized, strengthened, inspired, and full of fresh ideas for your year ahead.

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2023 FEATURED Speakers

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Dr. Kathy


DR. KATHY'S Workshops
  • Technology’s Influence Over Kid’s Beliefs and Behaviors
  • 8 Great Smarts: All Children Are Smart – Help Them Believe It!
  • Identity: Who Do Your Children Think They Are and Why Does It Matter?
  • Change: Teach Them Don’t Tell Them
  • Resiliency: Help Children Embrace Life with Confidence

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TODD'S Workshops
  • Get REAL!
  • Every Dad a Homeschooling Dad!
  • An Unbeatable Homeschool Team
  • The Four HomeschoolTemperaments
  • Choosing the Hard Things or How to Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up



SONYA'S Workshops
  • Five Flavors of Homeschooling
  • Reaching Your Child’s Heart
  • Laying Down the Rails: The Power of Good Habits in Your Home School
  • When More Is Less: A Call to Simplicity in Your Schedule, Your Home, and Your Children’s Education
  • Keep It Simple: How to Teach Your Whole Family Together

2023 Workshop Speakers

Kristin Lackie: 2023 Homeschool Iowa Conference Speaker

Kristin Lackie

Kristin Lackie is a homeschool parent and educator. She and her husband live in Minnesota and are currently homeschooling their four children who span the middle and high school years.

With an in-the-trenches perspective, Kristin brings humor and reality to what can sometimes feel like a daunting task – homeschooling all the way to graduation day.

Committed to saving both money and time, Kristin presents practical but often overlooked strategies to graduate college debt-free through credit-by-exam options and dual enrollment utilizing every available opportunity to maximize the middle and high school experience while casting a vision for college and beyond.

By helping families evaluate academic goals and career direction, Kristin is committed to educating and equipping both students and families to build a strong spiritual and scholastic foundation from which students can launch positioned to act on the Lord’s call.

Kristin's Workshops
  • Homeschool through High School with Confidence*
  • Simple Transcripts and Record Keeping*
  • But Mom, HOW Do I study? (Teen Track Workshop)
  • Jumpstart College with CLEP

High School & Beyond Special Track Workshop

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Rory Groves, 2022 Homeschool Iowa Conference Speaker
Mike Schutt

Mike Schutt is the executive director of Worldview Academy, and he has served students as a Worldview Academy faculty member since 2002. Before taking on the executive director role, he served as Clinical Associate Professor at Trinity Law School and Director of the Institute for Christian Legal Studies (ICLS), a cooperative ministry of Trinity Law and Christian Legal Society, where he directed CLS’ Law School Ministries. He also taught on the faculty of Regent Law School for 20 years.

Mike’s book, Redeeming Law: Christian Calling and the Legal Profession (InterVarsity Press 2007), is an exhortation to students and lawyers on Christian integrity in the law.

He lives in Mount Pleasant, Texas, with his wife, Lisa. They have three grown children and four grandchildren.

Before entering academia, Mike practiced law in Fort Worth, Texas. He is an honors graduate of the University of Texas School of Law.

MIKE'S Workshops
  • Confusing Times, Confused Neighbors
  • The Roots of Order
  • Truth
  • Vocation

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Faith Berens, 2022 Homeschool Iowa Conference Speaker
Elizabeth Hoksbergen

Elizabeth Hoksbergen has served individuals with unique learning profiles as a teacher, administrator, evaluator, and consultant for over 25 years.

As a homeschooling mother, she believes passionately in the manifold benefits of home education and cherishes the opportunity to serve those who homeschool.

Elizabeth lives with her husband and youngest three (of six) children on their prairie grass farm. She enjoys decorating, discovering new ways to help her daughters tackle Latin, literature, and geography, and exploring the bountiful prairie aback their trusty golfcart on breezy days.

Elizabeth holds degrees in Literature, Educational Leadership, and Educational Psychology. She has served as Director of Assessment & Learning at Apples of Gold Center for Learning since 2000. Elizabeth is a Wilson® Dyslexia Therapist and Wilson® Credentialed Trainer; she equips educators to implement high-fidelity structured literacy.

  • Understanding Dyslexia: A Road Map for Success
  • Top Ten Strategies to Engage Your Learner
  • Is it a Learning Difference or Defiance?
  • Understanding Your Child’s Unique Cognitive Profile
Cathy Angel: 2023 Homeschool Iowa Conference Speaker
Cathy Angel

Cathy Angel has been teaching students to read for over 40 years. Her passion is to have all students equipped for success in reading and writing. Her experience includes teaching all grades kindergarten through fifth, Title I Reading and preschool.

She has been an adjunct professor at the University of Iowa and a Literacy Consultant at Grant Wood Area Education Agency.

Currently, she is an independent Literacy Consultant providing trainings in Making Reading Heavenly, a phonics curriculum which she wrote.  She also does trainings based on the Writing With Rhythm handwriting program she co-authored with Alissa Roemhild.

She graduated from the University of Northern Iowa, earned a Reading Endorsement from Winona State University, Winona, Minnesota, and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Administration from Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa.

Cathy and her husband live in Waverly, Iowa.  She enjoys spending time with her twelve grandchildren!

CATHY'S Workshops
  • Handwriting Fluency
    Plus Reading Fluency
    Equals Success*
  • From Games to Reading
  • Handwriting:
    A Nemesis or a Hero?*
  • Unlock Your Beginning and/or Struggling Reader's Potential!

Co-presented with Ali Roemhild

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Ali Roemhild: 2023 Homeschool Iowa Conference Speaker
Ali Roemhild

Ali Roemhild is a licensed Occupational Therapist. She earned both her undergraduate degree and Entry-Level Doctoral Degree from Creighton University.

She has worked in traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, inpatient care, outpatient care, pediatrics, birth to three services, nursing home care, and home health care.

Ali currently provides Occupational Therapy services to students in a PK – 12 public school setting. She works with students on fine motor skills, handwriting, visual motor skills, visual perceptual skills, self-help skills, and sensory regulation skills.

She is the co-author of Writing with Rhythm, a handwriting curriculum. She goes into elementary classrooms daily to teach handwriting in PK through 5th grade. She also provides in-service training for elementary educators who want to implement Writing with Rhythm.

Ali and her husband reside in Strum, Wisconsin with their three children, where both parents serve as athletic coaches and enjoy going to watch their children play all sports.

ALI'S Workshops
  • Handwriting Fluency
    Plus Reading Fluency
    Equals Success*
  • Handwriting:
    A Nemesis or a Hero?*

*Co-presented with Cathy Angel

Scott Woodruff, 2022 Homeschool Iowa Conference Speaker
Scott Woodruff

Scott Woodruff, a follower of Christ since his conversion in 1971, earned his juris doctor degree from the University of Virginia in 1980. He's worked for HSLDA since 1998, assisting thousands of home educating families in dealings with social workers, police officers, truant officers, principals, superintendents, and prosecuting attorneys.

Scott has represented HSLDA members in court and has appeared before many state legislatures to fight against repressive homeschool legislation. He is a frequent speaker at homeschool conferences and on radio programs across the country.

Scott and his wife, Jane, homeschooled all three of their children.

Scott's Workshops
  • Homeschooling with Confidence: Understanding Iowa's Homeschool Law*
  • The Right Parent for Your Child: You
  • Getting Through the Toughest Day of your Life: Lessons from the Book of Job

* Beginning Homeschooling Special Track

Nancy Bjorkman
Nancy Bjorkman

Nancy began as the ultimate homeschool skeptic. Now, after 20+ years teaching her own four children, she has become the “go-to lady” for many and a champion of the cause.

She's a certified teacher and has spoken at homeschool conferences in over 10 states where she is known for her enthusiasm, energy, and encouragement.

Having graduated all of her children, Nancy finds it exciting to have graduated herself to being a mentor for other homeschool families.

She and her husband own HEPPNER’S LEGACY, a homeschool store in Elk River, MN, where they delight in ministering to the unique needs of families year round, and where parents say, “Come for the books. Stay for the therapy.™”

Nancy's Workshops
  • Exploring Homeschooling Methods
  • Time and Home Management: Managing Life and Home While Homeschooling
  • Meal Management in the Age of Fast Food

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Nancy Bjorkman
Shawn Sandersfeld

Shawn lives in Middle Amana, Iowa with his wife Jennifer. They have eight children, seven boys and one girl, and have been homeschooling almost exclusively independently for almost twenty-five years. Their children range in age from thirty-one down to twelve.

Shawn has been a band director in the State of Iowa for almost thirty-five years having taught in the public school, at a Christian school, and, most recently, as part of the Mid-Prairie Home School Assistance Program.

Shawn and Jennifer seek to determine their children’s gifts and talents and help them pursue a variety of options for their future as they near graduation from homeschooling.

Shawn's Workshops
  • How To Homeschool Your Teenage Son
  • Your Post-High School Menu: Apprenticeships and Other Career Appetizers
Nancy Bjorkman
Dana Blomberg

Dana Blomberg is a homeschooling veteran of 23 years, through which she and her husband trained their three children to adulthood.

She traveled on a conference production team for mom conferences for five years, and loves the atmosphere of encouragement provided at such events.

Since her kids are now beyond their high school years, she currently is working as the Admissions Coordinator at Faith Baptist Bible College, in Ankeny.

Dana deeply loves the Lord, her husband Terry (best friend), their family (including two grandkids), and is enthusiastic about college and women’s ministry, as well as helping to bridge the gap between high school and college.

DANA'S Workshops
  • Laying the Foundation for Life after Graduation*
  • Is our Marriage Ready For Them to Leave the Nest?

High School & Beyond Special Track Workshop

Nancy Bjorkman
Dr. Dusty & Rae Hess

Dr. Dusty & Rae are passionate about inspiring others that attaining a healthy lifestyle IS possible and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

With their focus in functional medicine, Dr. Dusty & Rae see the value of teaching the younger generation the benefits of nurturing health at a young age to equip them to live their healthiest impactful life.

The Hesses have been married since 2019 and have three very energetic, curious children. Because Rae was homeschooled K-12 and Dusty attended the standardized school system, their approach to education and creating curriculum is impactful and effective.

Dr. Dusty & Rae's Workshops
  • The Cultural War on Health
  • Healthy Cultures Start with Healthy Families
Dr. Joe O'Tool

Dr. Joe O'Tool is the founder of Lifestream Brain + Body Clinic ('13).

He is a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Board-Eligible Functional Neurologist. Dr. Joe and his team are leading the way in Concussion Prevention and Recovery in Iowa and have brought many elite level programs used by the pros to Central Iowa for athletes of all ages and stages. He is passionate about neuroscience, overall health and changing lives.

As homeschool graduates themselves, Joe and his wife, Angie, also have a passion for home education and love how doing so allows them to include their family in all that they do as they experience life together. They are active members in their local church and love hearing how God works in the lives of His people all over the world.

DR. JOE'S Workshop
  • CogniStrong: The Neuroscience of Play and Learning

Dr. Joe O'Tool


Jeremy Vos serves as the Homeschool Iowa Lobbyist. He and his wife, Jodi, are also Homeschool Iowa Board Members.

Jeremy and Jodi have been married for over two decades and have four children, two of whom they are still homeschooling. They have been active in their local homeschool group and are now serving as our Homeschool Iowa Capitol Day coordinators. 

JEREMY'S Workshop
  • Protecting Homeschool Freedom

Additional 2023 Speakers

2023 Homeschool Iowa Conference Additional Speakers

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Special Conference Workshop Speakers


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Speaker Inquiries

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Speaker packets should include:

  • Contact information, including email address, phone number, mailing address, company name, and website
  • A list of all proposed workshop titles and descriptions
  • Speaker biography
  • A high-resolution (300dpi) digital photo
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  • At least two hour-long recordings of your recently presented workshops

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