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Children’s Program


While you’re taking in the Homeschool Iowa Conference, your children can enjoy a Bible-based program is a secure environment with screened and trained staff and teachers.

Our highly acclaimed conference children's program offers a new theme every year, effectively communicating principles found in the Word of God through songs, memory verses, activities, lesson times, and the much anticipated 8-part fully-scripted and costumed drama!

More information about our 2020 Conference Children's Program, Valor, will be coming soon!

2019 Homeschool Iowa Children's Program

Our Shalom children's program includes live skits!


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Teen Volunteer Opportunities

Is your homeschooling teen looking for an opportunity to join other home educated students in fellowship and service?

Our Homeschool Iowa Teen Volunteer Team is the answer!

We're looking for willing young people with the heart to serve. Volunteer positions like this look great on a resume or transcript, and the experience is invaluable.

Volunteer to help in our amazing Children's Program or at the conference site -- either opportunity provides a great experience and lots of fun!

Our 2019 Volunteer Handbooks are provided below to give you an idea of how this works. We'll have the 2020 handbooks available as soon as possible.




2020 Conference 
Volunteer Handbooks
will be available 
spring of 2020.


It was a great experience! 
The name 'homeschool conference' doesn't sound like much fun, but it was actually a lot of fun – cool, humorous, and more!”
~Past Conference Teen Volunteer

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