The Homeschool Iowa Conference would simply not be possible without our tremendous volunteers. If you have two willing hands and a servant’s heart, we want you to join our team!

We have three volunteer options for teens and adults:

  • Onsite Conference Volunteers
  • Offsite Children's Program Volunteers
  • Year-Round Conference Team Volunteers

For full details on the benefits and requirements for the first two options, click to download the handbooks below.

Use the registration links beneath the handbooks to apply.

If you'd like to experience the incredible blessing of serving on our year-round conference team, email us now at conference@homeschooliowa.org.

Conference Volunteer Opportunities

Security Team Members will be responsible to watch various conference entrances for unregistered persons. Conference attendees will be issued a wristband to be worn for the duration of the event. Your job will be to check each person entering the exhibit hall for wristbands, direct persons who have no wristbands – or have removed their wristbands – to the registration area, and give general directions and information.

Veteran & Short Shift Security Team Members may be responsible to watch various conference entrances and assigned areas for suspicious activity. You will be directed by our Security Team Leader about the proper response to inappropriate or suspicious activity.

Our Used Curriculum Sale Team Members will be responsible for working with the Used Curriculum Sale Team Leader to facilitate proper set-up, tear down, attendee admission and navigation. You must have experience handling money, providing proper change, and have good communication skills.

Speaker host/assistants work closely with the Homeschool Iowa Speaker Team to ensure that conference speakers are properly introduced, hydrated, and generally made welcome. Other various job activities may include making copies, providing directions, and running for errands on behalf of speakers. This is an Adult Volunteer position.

Homeschool Iowa Conference Children’s Program volunteers participate on leadership teams, with each volunteer expected to decorate classrooms, teach lessons, help lead activities, and enjoy an amazing experience at our offsite Children's Program. In addition, positions are available on the drama team. 

Attendance is required at the children's program site for setup and training sessions on THURSDAY, May 31, 2018 from 9:30am – 4:30pm (lunch provided).

Children’s Program team members must be available to work ALL day, BOTH days, FRIDAY & SATURDAY. during the children's program. 

Want to get more involved? Interested in volunteering with the Homeschool Iowa Conference throughout the year? Are you skilled with computers, proficient in editing, gifted in hospitality, or just have a few hours to spare?

We'd love to have you join our amazing conference team works on various tasks all year round.

Email us now!

Recording Team Members are assigned to assist our conference-taping vendor, Rhino Technologies, with the recording and duplicating duties during the conference. This will include operating the recording equipment during speaker workshops and keynote sessions and helping with duplicating and labeling tapes/CDs. The crew from Rhino Technologies will give you further instructions on their taping operation and what they expect from you.

A/V and IT Technicians meet the needs of our speakers, staff and attendees as they work with our media equipment. You must be familiar with Mac and/or PC computers and their ability to connect with a variety of display options. You must be able to troubleshoot connection difficulties and make the necessary corrections. You may be called on to directly assist speakers in their presentations by manually operating the computers and displays. You may also be called upon to aid in response to technical difficulties of audio or recording equipment within your assigned area.

Exhibit Hall Assistants will assist our Exhibit Hall Coordinator or designee with conference exhibitors and related activities. It is very important to us that our exhibitors are well cared for before, during, and after the conference. The Exhibit Hall Coordinator or their designee will direct you to specific tasks during the conference. These responsibilities may include: running errands, helping at exhibit booths as needed, assisting attendees with purchases, assisting with exhibitor registration and other related tasks.

Hospitality Team Members are responsible to provide hospitality to our speakers and attendees. Many of our speakers and attendees are out-of-town guests. You will be expected to make yourself ready and available to assist them in whatever fashion they may need. You may need to assist the speakers with keeping track of time, procuring water, distributing materials during workshops, taking room headcounts, and other needs as assigned by your team leader. You may need to assist attendees with directions, conference information, or general hospitality, as needed. At the end of each workshop session, you will need to go through your area and collect loose papers, water bottles, etc. Any items for lost-and-found need to be turned in to the NICHE booth immediately.
Registration Team Members will be the first “faces” that people will see at the NICHE conference. Our Registration Team oversees this crucial aspect of our conference and will assign your specific duties. You must attend a short training session prior to your shift during which the Registration Team leader will cover what you will be required to do. We count on you to wear your best smile and to be courteous and friendly!

“Volunteers are love in motion.” 
~Author Unknown

Volunteer Information
Requirements for All Conference Volunteers

ALL Homeschool Iowa Conference volunteers must:

  • Be 18 or older and either a current NICHE member, a homeschool graduate, or an adult who has demonstrated a compassion or dedication toward homeschooling


  • Be at least 14 years old by June 1, 2018, with at least one parent who is a current NICHE member and will be attending the 2018 Homeschool Iowa Conference.
Additional Requirements for Onsite CONFERENCE VOLUNTEERs

Additionally, onsite conference volunteers must:

  • Be available to work during the scheduled conference:
    •  THURSDAY 9am – 6pm (as needed)
    •  FRIDAY 8am – 7 pm (as needed)
    •  SATURDAY 8am-5pm

  • Be available to attend volunteer training prior to beginning volunteer assignment

  • Complete the volunteer application and background check application on or before MAY 20.

Additionally, offsite children’s program volunteers must:

  • Attend set-up and training on THURSDAY 9:30am - 4:30am

  • Work ALL day, BOTH days  (FRIDAY & SATURDAY) during the children's program

  • Be able to stay for at least 1/2 hour past the end of the last session on Saturday for tear-down

  • Complete the volunteer application and background check application on or before MAY 3.
Background Checks

For the safety and security of all Homeschool Iowa attendees and their children, Homeschool Iowa Conference and Children’s Program volunteers 16 years of age and older will be required to comply with a third party background check.

Due to the nature of the world we live in, those who refuse to comply will not be allowed to participate as volunteers. Previous volunteers are required to submit a new background check each year. Homeschool Iowa utilizes a secure Christian organization to perform these background checks.