Homeschool Iowa Conference Volunteers

The Homeschool Iowa Conference would simply not be possible without our tremendous volunteers. If you have two willing hands and a servant’s heart, we want you to join our team!

We have three volunteer options for teens and adults:

  • Onsite Conference Volunteers
  • Offsite KIDS TREK Program Volunteers
  • Year-Round Conference Team Volunteers

Full details on the benefits and requirements for the first two options will be provided in downloadeable handbooks, which are scheduled to be published on this webpage in early 2020.

Easy online registration for volunteer opportunities will be available. Watch for the links on this webpage.

If you'd like to experience the incredible blessing of serving on our year-round conference team, email us now at conference@homeschooliowa.org.

Conference Volunteer Opportunities

Click on the volunteer handbooks below for complete details


“Volunteers are love in motion.” 
~Author Unknown

Volunteer Information
Requirements for All Conference Volunteers

ALL Homeschool Iowa Conference volunteers must:

  • Be 18 or older and either a current NICHE member, a homeschool graduate, or an adult who has demonstrated a compassion or dedication toward homeschooling


  • Be at least 14 years old by June 1, 2018, with at least one parent who is a current NICHE member and will be attending the 2018 Homeschool Iowa Conference.
Additional Requirements for Onsite CONFERENCE VOLUNTEERs

Additionally, onsite conference volunteers must:

  • Be available to work during the scheduled conference:
    •  THURSDAY 9am – 6pm 
      (as needed)
    •  FRIDAY 8am – 7 pm
      (as needed)
    •  SATURDAY 8am-5pm

  • Be available to attend volunteer training prior to beginning volunteer assignment
  • Complete the volunteer application and background check application on or before MAY 13

Additionally, offsite children’s program volunteers must:

  • Attend set-up and training on THURSDAY 9:30am - 4:30am

  • Work ALL day, BOTH days  (FRIDAY & SATURDAY) during the children's program

  • Be able to stay for at least 1/2 hour past the end of the last session on Saturday for tear-down
  • Complete the volunteer application and background check application on or before MAY 13
Background Checks

For the safety and security of all Homeschool Iowa attendees and their children, Homeschool Iowa Conference and Children’s Program volunteers 16 years of age and older will be required to comply with a third party background check.

Due to the nature of the world we live in, those who refuse to comply will not be allowed to participate as volunteers. Previous volunteers are required to submit a new background check each year. Homeschool Iowa utilizes a secure Christian organization to perform these background checks.