Letters to Lawmakers

Letters to Lawmakers: A student Project with Impact!

Letters to Lawmakers is a simple but impactful project that you can use to help your children bring joy to our elected state officials.

The Amazing Chemistry Show

The Amazing Chemistry Show will be on Friday, June 9, 2023, at the RecPlex in West Des Moines.

The Amazing Chemistry Show will amaze and engage your family Join us for this fast-paced science stage production on Friday, June 9th.

Homeschool High School Diplomas

How does a homeschool student get a diploma?

Homeschool high school diplomas can be issued by home educating parents. Information and resource links are provided in this helpful blog post.

How to Homeschool in Iowa

How to Homeschool in Iowa

How to Homeschool in Iowa? Here are the 5 simple steps, along with answers to your questions on how to start a successful homeschooling journey.

Tips for Planning Iowa Field Trips

Tips for Planning Iowa Field Trips

Tips for planning Iowa field trips are the focus of our interview with Iowa homeschooling mom, Jen Ciha, a homeschool field trips expert.

Homeschool Space Ideas

Homeschool Space Ideas from Homeschool Iowa

Homeschool space set up can be an exciting prospect or a daunting task. Our Homeschool Iowa team offers the latest homeschool space ideas and tips.

Homeschool Stress Relief

Homeschool Stress Relief

Homeschool stress relief tips can change chaos to calm and pressure to peace. Try some or all of our 7 options for stress relief!

Start Homeschooling Tool Kit

Start Homeschooling Tool Kit: Resources to Help You Begin Homeschooling

Our Start Homeschooling Tool Kit contains our top Homeschool Iowa resources on how to begin homeschooling your child.

Legal Help for Homeschoolers

Legal Help for Homeschoolers

Legal help for homeschoolers is available! When you need a helping hand with legal issues, Home School Legal Defense Association is there for you!