Teach the Child

Teach the Child (Not the Curriculum)

“Teach the Child” (not the curriculum) is the advice offered by our conference speaker, Sonya Shafer, from Simply Charlotte Mason.

Dressed for Encouragement

Dressed for Encouragement in Your Homeschool

Dressed for encouragement? That’s Todd Wilson’s homeschool clothing tip for homeschoolers, and you’ll smile when you learn why.

Homeschooling with Technology

Homeschooling with Technology

Homeschooling with technology can be a challenge. Kathy Koch warns against 5 Tech Lies and shares 5 Tech Tips for using technology wisely.

Planning for Homeschool High School

Planning for Homeschool High School: The Big Picture

Planning for homeschool high school requires a “big picture” approach. Kristin Lackie shares 3 vital guidelines to help you plan effectively.

How to Homeschool in Iowa

How to Homeschool in Iowa

How to Homeschool in Iowa? Here are the 5 simple steps, along with answers to your questions on how to start a successful homeschooling journey.

Tips for Planning Iowa Field Trips

Tips for Planning Iowa Field Trips

Tips for planning Iowa field trips are the focus of our interview with Iowa homeschooling mom, Jen Ciha, a homeschool field trips expert.

Homeschool Space Ideas

Homeschool Space Ideas from Homeschool Iowa

Homeschool space set up can be an exciting prospect or a daunting task. Our Homeschool Iowa team offers the latest homeschool space ideas and tips.

Back to School: Homeschool Style

It’s Back to School Homeschool Style! Here are 5 ways to prepare for a successful year, covering styles, tools, schedules, legal, & connection.