Taking an End-of-the-Year Snapshot

Capture Your Accomplishments

If you follow a traditional school calendar, you're likely approaching the end of your homeschool year. Set aside some time to celebrate in a way that works for your family. Maybe you'll go on a special field trip or have a family party. Have fun and rejoice in your homeschooling accomplishments.

Right now, you might think that you'll never forget what you and your children have done this year together. In a few years, however, it's sad, but true, that many of the details will fade from memory.

That's why we encourage you to take an end-of-the-year "snapshot" of your homeschool year.

Here are some ideas of what you might include in your end-of-year "snapshot" memento:

  • Subjects studied by each child
  • Field trips taken during the school year
  • Books read and audiobooks listened to
  • Movies or documentaries watched 
  • Extra activities participated in 
  • Volunteer service completed 
  • Awards or honors received

Your children can help you recall these details. Ask them to help!

Each of these lists can be archived simply in a decorative notebook or in a dedicated folder on your computer. If you really want to make this special, you can include real photographs -- either turning the notebook into a scrapbook or adding digital photos into the computer folder. 

If you've reached the end of your school year only to realize that many of these precious details have already been lost in the shuffle, don't despair.

Just make a resolution now to chronicle next year's accomplishments as the school year progresses. Then, you'll be prepared to capture these important memories for your end-of-the-year "snapshot" keepsake. 

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