Starting Strong

Starting strong is the way we want to begin our homeschooling year! Here’s help from Homeschool Iowa board member and Regional Representative, Jill Oppman.

2020 Connect

Homeschool Iowa Connect offers encouragement and fellowship for homeschooling parents – with a Homeschooling 101 session and shopping area included!

End-of-Year Surveys

End-of-year surveys are a great tool to help you reflect upon and evaluate your school year. And it’s not hard to do. Brigitte shares how!

What Are Your Homeschooling Motives?

Homeschooling dad, grandfather, speaker, and publisher, Steve Lambert, asks an important question. On what are your homeschooling motives based?

God Knows

What can the Little Brown Church in Vale have to do with homeschooling? Our Homeschool Iowa magazine editor, Jenn Warren, will fill you in.

Taking an End-of-the-Year Snapshot

Taking an end-of-the-year snapshot helps you archive homeschool achievements.

If you follow a traditional school year, you’re likely approaching the end of your school year. Set aside some time to celebrate and review your year. Take an end-of-the-year snapshot! You won’t regret it.

Reiman Gardens Homeschool Day: Insects

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Reiman Gardens is excited to invite home-schooled students and parents for a day of guided experiences and learning stations that explore concepts around an educational theme. Take advantage of this exploration of real-world science throughout the Gardens! Reiman Gardens’ collection of insects includes hundreds of species of moths, butterflies, and more. Investigate lifecycle stages, examine insect body parts up close, … Read More

Faith Baptist Bible College Summer Music Camp

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Available for students in grades 9-12 (entering ninth grade through recent high school graduates). Receive private lessons from Faith Baptist Bible College music faculty and guest instructors. Take part in vocal and instrumental ensembles, Sit in on workshops! Enhance your music skills Registration Deadline: May 15 Cost: $99 for students; $30 for directors Student Group Rates (students must register with their group to … Read More