Bending Our Schedules to Accommodate Their Learning Excursions

It was time for me to fetch my daughter for her English work – because we all know how important English is, right?!

I found her sitting in her favorite chair in the sunshine making a list of all the books of the Bible. And, not only was she going to list all of the the books of the Bible, but she was  planning to add up all of the chapters in all of the books of the Bible.

So, at this moment, I could:

1) pull her away, inform her that someone else has already done this, tell her I'll find her the list (with all of the chapter counts) later, and press on with English.


2) I could embrace my role as a homeschooling mom, encourage her eagerness to explore, relish the freedom to bend our schedule, and allow her to finish her quest of discovery!

Which do you think I chose?

You'll know the answer when you view Exhibit A, the photo in this blog graphic, which I snapped of my daughter immediately after I made this decision.

This photo illustrates just one of the many benefits of home education, and it makes my homeschooling mother's heart glad when I look at it.

And, by the way, we won't "skip" that English lesson, we'll just get to it tomorrow –  because, today, we're enjoying a learning excursion!

Jennifer Ciha is an Iowa home-educated graduate who is currently homeschooling her two children. She shares practical advice and inspiring images to encourage families to learn and explore across Iowa on her blog

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