5 Steps to Successfully Conclude Your Homeschool Year

5 Steps to Successfully Concluding Your Homeschool Year

May can be a defining month for your homeschool year.

Because it's often the last month you devote to scheduled studies before a summer break, it can leave you with either a sense of satisfaction or defeat.

Here are 5 steps to help your homeschool year end well:


Yes, summer break is beckoning, but we're not quite there yet. Press on toward the goal.

If there are still assorted loose ends and vital uncompleted work that could be finished before summer, stick with it. If you give up and quit early, you'll likely be disappointed with yourself later, and baling out isn't the best example for your kids either.


The end of the school year is a great time to examine your school year while it's all fresh in your mind.

What did you accomplish this year?
Have you met some of the goals you set at the beginning of the school year?
Did your chosen curriculum work for you?
What skills do your kids need to hone next year?
Which of your kids' emerging interests do you want to pursue further?

Ask for input from your children and enlist their help in assessing their school year progress.


Use the results of your evaluation to do some preliminary planning. You don't have to formulate your entire outline for the next school year, but you can begin shaping its basic framework.

If you're heading to the exhibit hall or used curriculum sale at the Homeschool Iowa Conference, you'll want to identify some of your essential curriculum needs so you can complete your major purchases by early June.


Although you might be running out of steam at this time of year, you won't be doing yourself any favors by leaving piles of papers, books, and supplies strewn about when you finish your school year.

Enlist your children's help in getting materials put away in their proper places. Briefly summarize and chronicle your school year accomplishments and completions.

You'll experience a wonderful sense of closure when you finish this step.


Once you've crossed the finish line for this school year, it's time to commemorate your success. Plan something fun and enjoy it with your kids.

Have a Grandparent Day, where your children can share examples of the work they completed during the school year. Schedule a backyard barbecue or enjoy a picnic in the park. Invite your homeschooling friends to expand the festivities.

Avoid disappointment and defeat at the end of your school year.

Follow these 5 steps to help you finish with a sense of satisfaction and success.

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