2 Doors to Homeschool Success

2 Doors to Homeschool Success

In the flurry of back-to-school preparations, we’re presented with many “doors” to homeschool success.

Buy this curriculum and your child will succeed. Use this method and your child will flourish. Try this resource and your child will excel.

Whether we’re just starting the homeschooling adventure or we’ve been on the journey for years, we’ve all stood before many of these doors.

One of the beauties of home education is its uniquely individualized approach. There are doors that can and should be opened by one homeschooling family that should perhaps not be opened and entered by other homeschooling families. Part of the adventure is discovering and discerning which doors are right for your particular family.

Even so, there are a few doors that lead to success for every homeschooling family. Here are two of them. 

1. Relationship

Even as we are all journeying on our own unique homeschool adventures, we all have one thing in common. We all want our children to become passionate about learning and discovering. We all want our children to grow toward stable and mature adulthood. We all want our children to sense that we are cheering them on in their homeschool adventures. 

We want our children to know that we love them and that we’re on this journey together as a team.

Before we try out the different doors to various curricula, methods, and resources, we should open the door to relationship.

We can think about how to build into our home schools the means to connect and bond with our children. We can seek to create an atmosphere of family unity and teamwork in our pursuit of knowledge. 

When our children look back on their childhood educational years, what will be most important? Curricula? Methods? Resources? Or relationship?

2. Commitment

Another door we all must walk through for homeschool success is commitment. Without it, we’re destined for failure. 

Why did we sign up for this homeschooling adventure? What is the source of our inspiration and strength to continue the journey, even if it’s difficult?

For me, the answer is God.

It was He who called me to begin homeschooling almost 30 years ago. It is He who continues to be the source of inspiration and strength to finish the journey well. 

Find these two key "doors" to homeschooling success.
Open them and walk through with confidence and hope! 

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