Book Recommendations

Are you looking for good books for your homeschooled student to read?

Are you searching for potential read-aloud books to share with your family?

Homeschool Iowa invites Iowa homeschooling families to send us brief videos of you or your children sharing about a favorite title or series.

Tell us what captivated you about your particular selections.

Share what age level or target audience the book or books you've chosen will appeal to.

Check out a few of the videos we're already posted on our Homeschool Iowa YouTube channel.

We'd love to add yours as well!


From a Young mom:

Elizabeth shares her family's favorite list of picture books and read-alouds for the "under-age-7" crowd.

From a Homeschooled Girl:

Ten-year-old Ava recommends Strawberry Hill as a book that girls will enjoy!

From a Homeschooled Teen:

Here's a recommendation from a homeschooled teen. He was inspired by this book about a Navy Seal.

From a Homeschooled Boy:

This young reader highly recommends these fictional stories about the canine heroes of World War II.

From a Young Dad:

Scott, a young homeschooling father, shares about a book that captivated him when he was a young homeschooled boy.

And Many More...

You'll find more book recommendations like these on our Homeschool Iowa YouTube Channel.

Homeschool Iowa YouTube

How about you?

Would you share about a book that you love?

How about your children? Would they like to tell us about a favorite book?

Simply make a short video and send it to us.

We'll include it on our Homeschool Iowa YouTube channel's "Book Recommendations" playlist.

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