2020 Connect

Where can homeschooling parents go this summer
for a dose of encouragement and fellowship?

Where can folks go to find
some basic information on home education
and how to get started?

Where can homeschoolers go
to do a bit of hands-on shopping for homeschool resources?

Here's the answer!

After making the disappointing decision
to cancel our Homeschool Iowa Conference in June,
we've responded by creating an
an exciting, all-new event in August!

Featured  Speaker

Todd Wilson, 2020 Homeschool Iowa Connect Speaker

Todd Wilson

Family man, father of eight,
grandpa, author, and speaker,
Todd is high on our event attendees' lists
of most popular speakers of all time!

Todd is passionate about what matters,
offering his own special blend of laughter,
realness, and practical Biblical encouragement.

For fifteen years,
Todd and his family have traveled the country
in their big Familyman RV
speaking to tens of thousands of parents.


Do Some Shopping

Heppner's Legacy - 2020 Homeschool Iowa Connect Exhibitor

Onsite shopping opportunity provided by:

Heppner's Legacy - 2020 Homeschool Iowa Connect Exhibitor

One of our most popular conference exhibitors, 
Heppner's, will be bringing materials and resources 
for you to view and purchase. 
Owners, Brad and Nancy Bjorkman,  
and their helpful staff 
will be available to assist you and answer questions.

Find Homeschooling 101

Our Homeschool Iowa Regional Representatives and staff 
will present a Homeschooling 101 session 
for those who are new to home education.

Enjoy our beautiful venue

Faith Baptist Bible College - 2020 Homeschool Iowa Connect Sponsor

Thanks to our Connect event sponsor:

Faith Baptist Bible College - 2020 Homeschool Iowa Connect Sponsor

Our Connect event will be located in 
the impressive Nettleton Center 
on the Faith Baptist Bible College campus in Ankeny.

Connect in August!

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