Shopping for Curriculum

Of course, every child is unique and every homeschool is different, but Kathy Kuhl offers some generalized helpful steps to shopping for homeschool curriculum.

Key to Homeschool Success

The #1 Key to Homeschool Success

The key to homeschool success? What is it? A homeschooling mom with nine children and well over 30 years of experience shares her answer.

2 Doors to Homeschool Success

2 Doors to Homeschool Success

In the flurry of back-to-school preparations, we’re presented with many “doors” to homeschool success. Buy this curriculum and your child will succeed. Use this method and your child will flourish. Try this resource and your child will excel. Whether we’re just starting the homeschooling adventure or we’ve been on the journey for years, we’ve all stood before many of these … Read More