Key to Homeschool Success

The #1 Key to Homeschool Success

Aren't there lots of factors that determine homeschooling success or failure?


However, experienced home educators often identify one key factor that they believe was crucial to successful homeschooling.

My Experience

Yes, I suppose I qualify for that category: "Experienced Homeschooler."

I was a homeschooling mom for well over 30 years, and graduated all of our nine children from our homeschool. 

Our family has experienced the homeschooling adventure from start to finish -- and beyond.

And as a member of that veteran group of seasoned homeschoolers, I can offer my recommendation for a key to homeschooling success.

The Key

What is it, do you suppose?

Is it curriculum selection?
Is it planning?
Is it educational background and training?
Is it skill?
Or creativity?
Or organization?
Or dedication?
Or stamina?


All of those, and more, can be factors in homeschooling success. Some can be important contributors, but they weren't the key -- at least for me.

Here's the key that I found. 

Are you ready?

The #1 key to homeschooling success is... relationships. 

The Key to Homeschool Success: Relationships


The #1 key to homeschooling success for me was a foundation of relationships.

And my experience tells me there are two different types of relationships that are crucial for homeschooling success.

One is family relationships. 

Which comes first? 
Instruction or intimacy?
Schooling or security? 
Teaching or trust?

Our children can learn and flourish when they are certain that they are loved, that they are secure, and that they have a place in our families.

God designed the family.

He created it as the foundational means to educate and disciple children.

(Sounds like the homeschooling model of education, doesn't it?)

Encouraging and developing loving and secure family relationships is key to any effort to teach or disciple our children.

And that brings us to the second and even more important relationship.

A relationship with God.

Our family has experienced many challenges throughout our homeschooling journey. Right now, we're experiencing a life-threatening health challenge.

Yet, as we've faced each and every challenge, a foundational key has been built over the years that carries us through.

That key is an always-developing, ever-more-intimate relationship with God.

Relationships as a Foundation

Laying these foundational relationships were a key to our homeschooling success.

Sure, the curriculum is important.
Yes, the planning and organization is needed.
Certainly, dedication and stamina is vital.

But each of those only become effective when they're built upon the key foundations of relationships with family and with God.

Happy Homeschooling Family at Home

Building Relationships

What can you do to develop these vital relationships?

    Which relationships are weak or underdeveloped in our family?
    Which relationships are strained or struggling in our family?
    Where does forgiveness and grace need to be applied?
    Are our family members growing in intimacy with each other and with God?
    Plan regular one-on-one time with each of your children. 
    Mom and Dad can take turns with this. 
    Don't forget marriage relationship-building time for Mom and Dad, too!
    Commit to ensuring every family member is spending time in God's Word.
    What makes your family unique? Build on that! 
    Celebrate each family member's identity and contributions. 
    Have fun together. Try family bonfires. Family hikes. Family almost anything, as long as it is God-honoring and helps build family relationships.

Yes, relationships are KEY to homeschooling success.

If you seek to develop and deepen relationships in your family and with God, you'll find that all of the other factors affecting your homeschooling efforts will flourish and succeed.

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