Introducing Homeschool Iowa Regional Representatives

Introducing Regional Representatives

Our 25th year marks the beginning of a new NICHE homeschool networking effort.

We're pleased to introduce our Homeschool Iowa regional representatives to help support you and your family on your home education adventure.

We've divided the state into 18 regions and sought out seasoned homeschooling veterans with extensive practical skills and wisdom that come from years of experience to serve as the regional representatives for NICHE.

Their duties will include:

  • helping NICHE identify the needs and concerns of homeschooling families in their areas,
  • facilitating communications with local homeschool support groups, and
  • providing counsel to new home educators in their regions.

In a few of the regions, we have a pair of representatives serving.

Homeschool Iowa Regional Representatives Coordinator, Polly Lilly

1st Homeschool Iowa Regional Representatives Coordinator, Polly Lilly

Our amazing team of regional representatives was assembled by former NICHE board member Polly Lilly, whose gifts of teaching and encouraging, combined with her many years of experience as a homeschooling mother, support group leader, and supervising teacher, made her an ideal coordinator.

Our Current Regional Representatives Coordinator, Cathy Sorensen








After Polly retired, our Region 14 Representative, Cathy Sorensen, agreed to assume the role of Regional Representative Coordinator.

Cathy's bio, along with a complete listing of all of our regional representatives and their contact information is available here.

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  1. My name is Julie Weichelt and I have recently moved from Des Moines to Cedar Rapids. I was wondering if you could help me find some groups to get plugged into. We really miss our group from Des Moines. I have a nine year old boy who loves technology and computers. Thanks for your help.

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