Jury Simulation Teen Event

Your teenage student can participate in an incredible opportunity to actually experience what it takes to bring someone to trial and wrestle through the difficulties inherent in the judicial process.

Homeschool Iowa is hosting a two-day Generation Joshua iObject event
allowing registered students to become immersed as grand jurors
in a simulated 1930's Chicago mafia case.

Thanks to our generous sponsor, Americans for Prosperity Foundation Iowa, homeschoolers can register for an amazingly low fee that includes lunch on both days!

During the event, students will question witnesses, examine evidence, and learn what is and is not allowed in testimony.

Interspersed throughout the hands-on simulation are discussions of what it means to be an engaged citizen, what is justice, and the importance of honor and integrity in the criminal justice process.

Homeschool Iowa's GenJ iObject Event Nov 21-22, 2019


The GenJ iObject is designed to teach:

• United States Judicial System
• Constraints of Limited Government
• Importance of Teamwork
• Civic Responsibility
• Factual Analysis
• Purpose of the Grand Jury
• Hands-on Leadership
• Christian Worldview
• Value of Truth

Homeschool Iowa's GenJ iObject Event Nov 21-22, 2019


Date: Thursday & Friday, November 21-22, 2019

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Ages: 12-19

Cost: $20 per student (includes lunch both days)

Location: Ascension Lutheran Church, 2400 Bloomington Rd, Ames, IA 50010

Register Now!

Homeschool Iowa's GenJ iObject Event Nov 21-22, 2019


Our event sponsor, Americans for Prosperity Foundation Iowa, is offering optional sessions for parents during the iObject student event.

Participating parents who complete the sessions will receive Legislative Activism Certification. Detailed information is available here.

AFP Foundation Iowa is providing complimentary lunches for parents participating in these optional sessions.

Parents may sign up for these sessions on the iObject student registration form.

However, the Legislative Activism Certification sessions are open to ALL homeschooling parents.

If you are a homeschooling parent who would like to attend, but don't have a teen registering for the iObject event, please use this registration form.


Click on the logo above to view more information about
the Generation Joshua Government Intensives, including iObject.

Thanks to our generous sponsor!

Homeschool Iowa GenJ iObject Sponsor: Americans for Prosperity Foundation Iowa

6 Comments on “Jury Simulation Teen Event”

    1. Hi, Veronica!
      The answer is: Yes! (As space allows, of course.) Parents and siblings are welcome to come observe the program if they would like. There are usually some chairs set up in the back for anyone who would like to sit and watch.

    1. Hi, Susan!
      We checked with the Generation Joshua staff.
      Here’s their response:
      “The dress code is casual, but, if students would like to dress up in period attire (think 1930’s), they are welcome (but not required) to do so. For guys, period attire would be something like a suit or dress pants, button-down shirt, and vest. Hope this helps!”

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