Homeschooling the Next Generation

Homeschooling the Next Generation

While scrolling down the Facebook news feed recently, an old, familiar image appeared.

It was a grainy version of the group pictured above.



One of those seven graduates, Amber Smith (the broadly smiling young lady, slightly tilting her head at the front left), had posted the photo on her Facebook page.

Here are the quick comments she included with the picture:

"22 years ago I stood on a stage with 6 total strangers at the first NICHE homeschool graduation."

"In two months, my oldest 3 will be doing the very same thing. Who would have thought?"

"Looking forward to meeting the end of this road and passing these three on to their own goals, hopes, and dreams. Looking forward to many more graduations in the future."

Are you as blessed to read those words as we are?



In this, our 25th anniversary year, we look back on many accomplishments, but few are as gratifying as this.

We are thrilled to know that one who graduated in our first ever homeschool graduation is now a homeschooling parent who is rejoicing to see her own children graduate in our Homeschool Iowa Graduation this year.

In this, and in all we do, we give thanks and glory to God!

Amber Smith writes a blog about her adventures as the mother of 10 called 200 Fingers and Toes.

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