End-of-High-School Tests

End-of-high-school tests like the GED, PSAT, SAT, ACT, COMPASS, ASSET, and ACCUPLACER are offered to homeschooled students. 

What tests do homeschooled students take at the end of high school?


In almost all cases, homeschooled students do not need to obtain a GED to qualify for employment or college admission or financial aid. Usually employers and colleges will accept a homeschool transcript and/or scores from one of the other tests listed below.


The PSAT is the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship. Students may take this optional test only once per year, in October. Both 10th and 11th graders may take the PSAT, but only 11th grade scores are used to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship.

Homeschooling parents can contact their resident school district guidance counselor or the nearest school listed on the PSAT website that offers the PSAT. Homeschooling parents and students are directed to contact the school staff to register a homeschooled student for the test.

Find test locations here.

End-of-high-school tests for homeschooled students


These two end-of-high-school tests are the most common qualifying tests used for 4-year college admission. Which test should your college-bound student take? The answer will most likely be determined by the college you student wants to attend. Check on the college website to see which test, if any, is preferred.

Students usually take the SAT or ACT during their junior year, but students can take the test multiple times, beginning before that time, if desired. The tests are offered at several times throughout the year.

Be forewarned that registration deadlines are several weeks before the actual test date.

Find SAT test dates, locations, registration information, and free practice materials at:


The SAT homeschooled student code is: 970000

Find ACT test dates, locations, registration information, and free practice materials at:


The ACT homeschooled student code is: 969-999


If you're interested in Advanced Placement (AP) exams for your student, you can check with your local public school first. Public schools allow access to AP coursework to dual-enrolled homeschooled students on the same basis as fully enrolled students.

You can also find more information about AP courses and exams here:




These tests are the most common qualifying tests used by Iowa community colleges. Check with your local community college to find out which of these is preferred.

Find ACCUPLACER free practice materials at:


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