NOTE: If Using CPI Form A

Take note if you are using the 2018-2019 CPI Form A.

The Department of Education has published multiple versions of this form.

THE FIRST VERSION had item numbering errors.

THE SECOND VERSION adds requirements not supported in law and rule.

A THIRD VERSION of 2018-2019 CPI Form A has been published by the Department of Education. (See additional information below.)

A Brief Background History

The Iowa Department of Education has been publishing CPI Form A ever since the homeschool law and rules were adopted back in the early 1990s.

CPI Form A is required for those using any of the Competent Private Instruction options with reporting requirements.

In July, the Iowa Department of Education published its 2018-2019 Private Instruction Handbook, which included the 2018-2019 CPI Form A.

This original 2018-2019 version had item numbering errors.

On August 15, the Department published a second version of the Handbook and Form A.

The second version no longer contains numbering errors, but it does have several text changes.

NICHE (Homeschool Iowa) only has the original version, with the numbering errors corrected, available on our website.

The second version was available on the Department of Education website.

If you downloaded the second version on the DE website, we recommend against including any information that is not required by law and rule, even if the form says otherwise.

If you use the newer versions of Form A, please read the detailed recommendations below.

While there are several textual errors on the second version of Form A, the most concerning is the change to Item #6, the supervising teacher section.

For the first time, the DE has labeled the teacher's phone number and signature as required fields.

July (Original) Version
The original version, as all previous versions, identifies the supervising teacher's phone number and signature as optional.

August (Second) Version
The second version, for the first time ever, identifies the supervising teacher's phone number and signature as required fields.


Optional or Required?

Chapter 31 Administrative Code specifically describes what is required on Form A.

Here is the wording from Chapter 31:

31.2(1) Reporting.
a. The report shall include the following information:
(1) The name and address of the parent, guardian,
or legal or actual custodian reporting;
(2) The name and birth date of the child;
(3) An indication of the number of days of instruction,
which must be a minimum of 148 days per academic year;
(4) The name and address of the person or persons providing competent private instruction to the child and an indication of whether each such person is the holder of a valid Iowa practitioner license or teaching certificate appropriate to the age and grade level of the child being taught;...[emphasis added]

Note that a phone number and signature are not included as required fields for the reporting form.

NICHE (Homeschool Iowa) Recommends:


If you are using one of the Iowa homeschooling options that require the filing of CPI Form A, we recommend that you use the original Form A, with numbering corrections, available on our website.

Original 2018-2019 CPI Form A

If you use the second version Form A from the DE website and you complete Item #6, we recommend that you leave the phone number and signature line blank -- marking out "required" next to those fields on the form. (The third version labels these fields correctly as "optional.")

A Third Version Released

After NICHE contacted the Department of Education with concerns about the changes made to Item #6 on Form A, the DE published a third version, with Item #6 wording corrected to comply with current Iowa law and rule.

There are, however, still a couple of minor errors on the back of the form, so NICHE will continue to offer the original version (with numbering errors corrected) on our website.

Please note, as well, that on all three versions, a section on the back of Form A contains some rather confusing instructions.

It says:

The Following Information is Optional
However, if you want your child to access special education programs or services, or if your child plans to participate in any academic or extracurricular activities at your local school district, complete the following: #8 and #9.

Item #8 is the section asking for special education information. Item #9 is the dual enrollment section.

The wording is grammatically constructed to indicate that both Items #8 and #9 must be completed by anyone who wants to access either special education services or dual enrollment offerings.

This is not accurate.

While filing CPI Form A, Items #8, #9, and #10 can be left unanswered, if preferred.

Or, if any of the services described in any of those three items are desired, only the item(s) applicable to the desired public school service or program must be completed.

NICHE (Homeschool Iowa) made special efforts to reach out to the Department of Education to correct the errors on the updated version of Form A.


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