Listen to Your Heart

by Todd Wilson
Homeschool Iowa Connect Featured Speaker

We are living in unprecedented times… and I’m getting tired of it!

I miss the old normal where people shook hands, hugged, bumped into strangers without fear, and could see one another’s mouths as they spoke.

In fact, I’m not wanting to settle for anything less than the old normal when we go back to the new normal.

I sometimes wonder if God did this to teach me to trust in Him.

Maybe He had to strip away all the big speaking events that I count on to support my family's habit of eating to teach me that it’s not about me but about Him.

I know one good thing that has come out of all this is that the entire U.S. population has tasted homeschooling. Naysayers, doubters, and skeptics were all told to homeschool. They did. And many of them aren’t going back!

How about you?

Maybe you find yourself in that boat right now.

You were forced to homeschool against your will and better judgment, but realized that it wasn’t as hard as you thought, and now you see the benefits of having your children at home.

I could encourage you in the FOUR most important principles behind homeschooling (and none of them have to do with math facts, historical events, or sentence structure), but I’ll leave a link for a free audio download about that.

Instead, I want to encourage you to listen to your heart.

I know what the voices inside your head are saying. They’re trying to convince you to "stick them back in." The reasons are many and seem to make sense: you’ll have more time for yourself, they’ll miss their friends, experts surely know more (NOT), and it would just be a whole lot easier not to have to worry about it all.

Listen to Your Heart by Todd Wilson

But your heart is telling you something else.

Your heart is reminding you of the hassle-free mornings, the lazy afternoons, and the preciousness of seeing your children learn – and knowing what they’re learning.

Your heart’s desire is to have your children home, knowing they’ll be grown up and gone before you know it.

Your heart says that in spite of the hassle of picking out curriculum, battling over getting stuff done, and the inability to do all the things you want, it’s good to be together.

And if you “put them back in,” you won’t be.

So listen to your heart.

It’s really the voice of God encouraging you to keep your children home.

Yes, it won’t be easy.
Yes, it will be trying, and you’ll doubt your efforts.
But listen to your heart.

Or maybe you’ve homeschooled for several years, and you’re just tired and doubting your efforts. Maybe you’re needing a break and wondering if your kids would be better off somewhere else.

Listen to Your Heart by Todd Wilson

Listen to your heart and encourage others to do the same.

Home is the best place for your children.

But, of course, your heart already knows that. 🙂

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Familyman, father of eight, grandpa, author, and speaker, Todd Wilson is passionate about what matters, offering his own special blend of laughter, realness, and practical Biblical encouragement.

For fifteen years, Todd and his family have traveled the country in their big Familyman Mobile RV speaking to tens of thousands of parents.

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