Meet the Homeschool Iowa Board

Your state homeschool organization, Homeschool Iowa, is led by a terrific team of dedicated board members. 

Since its inception in 1992, Homeschool Iowa (NICHE) has been served by an amazing roster of homeschooling parents who were willing to offer their time and talents to promote and protect home education in Iowa. 

Our current board members are dedicated to continue and build upon those past high standards of service. 


Joe and Elizabeth Bailey


Joe and Elizabeth Bailey have been married since 2012 and have six children. Joe was homeschooled K-12 and was involved with his local homeschool choir, volunteering for Homeschool Iowa, 4-H, First Lego League, and running his own lawn care business. Elizabeth was homeschooled 3rd-12th and was involved in TeenPact, volunteering for Homeschool Iowa, 4-H, and working as an Iowa Capitol Page during high school. Joe went on to receive his B.S. degree in Mechanical and Welding Engineering from LeTourneau University. Elizabeth earned a B.A. degree in Social Sciences from Thomas Edison University, using the accelerated distance learning approach to college. Joe now works as a weld engineering manager at Vermeer Corp., while Elizabeth works as a stay-at-home mom. Joe is currently serving as Homeschool Iowa President. They are both passionate about securing homeschooling freedoms for their own children and for future generations.


Jill Oppman and husband, Darren, have been married since 1985. They have four adult children who were all homeschooled, and they are also the proud grandparents of two of the cutest little boys! 
When their oldest child was nearing kindergarten age a seasoned homeschool couple approached them and asked if they had ever considered homeschooling. They had never even heard of homeschooling!  With direction from this veteran couple, they jumped in and never looked back! 
One of t he greatest blessings of homeschooling was the closeness it brought to their family. 
Jill enjoys sharing her homeschool experiences with others as a way to encourage and help them navigate their own journey.  The Oppmans have been volunteering for Homeschool Iowa in a variety of ways for many years, and Jill currently serves as our Capitol Day Coordinator and is a Homeschool Iowa Regional Representative. Darren served on the Homeschool Iowa board for three years and retired in 2020. 



Bob and Cathy Sorensen have been married since 1983  and homeschooled two children K-12 who are now both college graduates, married, and enjoying their careers. Bob has a technology background and has served in leadership positions on small business, non profit and ministry boards.  Together they have served together on the HEED Board, a local homeschool group and The Network Board in the Des Moines metro area. Cathy has also served as a HEED president twice and as  Mentor Mom for 20 years.  She is currently our Homeschool Iowa Regional Representatives and Special Needs Advisors coordinator. Bob serves on the Homeschool Iowa Executive Committee.


George and Kim Blom have been married since 1993  and homeschooled four children K-12, all of whom have now graduated. Two of their children are married, and Kim and George now have a grandchild as well. They have served  served in leadership positions in their local homeschool group in Pella and taught courses in a local homeschool co-op. George is Vice-President and serves on the Homeschool Iowa Board Executive Committee. Kim is the Homeschool Iowa Conference Coordinator.
Aaron and Rhea Bender


Aaron and Rhea celebrated 30 years of marriage in July of 2021. They have four children, three of whom are married. Their youngest is in college, so they are now empty nesters. They are also enjoying the joy of being grandparents. Rhea is our Homeschool Iowa Regional Representative for Region 2 in North Central Iowa. Aaron is active on our Homeschool Iowa social media. 

Jeremy & Jodi Vox


Jeremy and Jodi have been married for over two decades and have four children, two of whom they are still homeschooling. They have been active in their local homeschool group and regular, active participants in our Homeschool Iowa Capitol Day event. 

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