What Not to Do This Christmas Break

Homeschool Christmas Break

It's very likely that the hustle and bustle surrounding the Christmas season has affected your household as well – and, like many others, you are taking a long-anticipated homeschool Christmas break.

Yet, you're still, after all, a homeschooling mom – and, as such, your mind tends to wander to the ever-expanding list of things that you could be doing during Christmas break instead of... um... actually taking a break.

This Christmas season, just say "No!" to these 3 homeschooling mom tendencies:

1. Striving to Win the Spectacular Holiday Mom Contest

All of the other homeschooling moms are making advent calendars, creating stunning holiday crafts, baking yummy Christmas goodies, and more, right? You see it posted on Pinterest and Facebook.

Well, you could kick into gear and pour all your time and energy into trying to keep up, or you could kick the guilt and enjoy your family while being who you are instead of comparing yourself to a friend or a social media ideal.

Need some inspiration on this one? Check out our "On Celebrating Christmas" blog post.

2. Attempting a Major Homeschool Makeover

Perhaps this works for some homeschooling moms, but designing an updated homeschool schedule or researching new homeschool curricula just doesn't seem appropriate during the Christmas break.

We encourage you to focus on the reason for the season instead. Concentrate on our Savior's birth and celebrate it in meaningful ways with your family.

You'll be surprised how God will bring forth blessings when you focus on Him. You might even find that, as a result of dedicating time to the Lord, your schedule will improve and the curricula you thought you needed to replace will start working for you.

3. Trying to Complete a Homeschool Catch-Up Plan

We know. You're just feeling like you've fallen a bit behind where you'd like to have been at this time of year. It seems wrong to take off some time for Christmas break when you could be forging ahead with schoolwork. The kids really don't deserve a week or two of time off when they haven't made it to Point A in the curriculum, right?

Resist this one, please. It almost always ends badly.

It's time to remember that homeschooling is so much more than bookwork. And, the Christmas season is the perfect time to concentrate your homeschooling efforts on discipling and building family relationships.

This Christmas break, avoid these homeschooling mom tendencies, and focus instead upon Christ, the reason for the season.

Homeschool Christmas Break

Christmas Blessings to You and Your Family!


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