25 Top Homeschool Tips

25 Top Homeschool Tips

Wouldn't you love to spend time chatting with some Iowa moms who homeschooled for many years and have now finished their homeschooling journeys?

What tips and advice would you hear from them?

We asked our amazing team of Homeschool Iowa Regional Representatives (seasoned moms with many years of homeschooling experience) to share some of their incredible combined wisdom.

Here's the result:


25 Homeschool Tips

from experienced moms who've made the journey


Give yourself grace and remember that you are equipped for this task.


Know the reasons WHY you are homeschooling. 


There is a reason you are teaching at home.
Don’t feel pressured to conform to a traditional schooling mindset.


Remember, it’s the process that’s most important,
not the production of a perfect outcome.


Avoid the comparison trap.
Your family is unique.

Homeschool Tip #6: You don't need to have it all together or be super organized.


Your children are never too young nor too old to be read to.
You’re not just learning; you’re making memories!


If you don’t know something,  
but you want to learn,
always start with a children’s book.


Learning happens in all places at all times;
there's no need to restrict it to a specific location or schedule.


Incorporate movement into your day.
All will benefit from a break, not just the wigglers!


Become a student yourself.
Read often, both for pleasure and information,
as an example to your learners.

Homeschool Tip #12: Schooling and education are not interchangeable concepts.


Socializing and socialization
are not identical either.
Socializing is
hanging out with the people you like.
Socialization is
learning the social norms of a society.


Give your children a variety of experiences
that may spark areas of interest.
Provide opportunities for deeper exploration
of subjects they’re already interested in.


Introducing biographies at an early age
can open a whole new world for your child.


If your child is struggling with a skill or concept,
back off and try again in a few months.


Learning new concepts and practicing new skills can be stressful.
Be your child’s partner and encourager.

Homeschool Tip #18:  If something isn’t working, empower yourself to try something else.


Encourage questions
and teach your learners how to discover the answers.


Tests mostly show what your kids don’t know,
not what they do know.


There is a huge difference
between learning to express an idea on paper
and the mechanics of formal writing.
Oral narration is a great option until the two skills align.


If you are a Christian,
the ultimate goal should be
pointing your children to a relationship with Jesus.


Make it your aim to enjoy your children
and your time spent with them. 
Smile and laugh often!


Pray and seek wisdom.

Homeschool Tip #25:  Relax and breathe. Choose to enjoy the journey. You can do this!

Here are some of our Homeschool Iowa Regional Representatives
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Our Homeschool Iowa 
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  1. Thank you for the 25 top homeschool tips! You just refreshed my spirit, and made me want to homeschool again by helping me to focus on what is important!

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