Fueling for the Future

Fueling for the Future
is your opportunity to join in
Homeschool Iowa's efforts
to support and protect Iowa homeschooling families.

You are
an important part!


The Story Behind
Fueling for the Future

Homeschool Iowa President Joe Bailey shares Fueling for the Future.

Let's hear from HI President, Joe Bailey:

I was recently reminded of this verse by a coworker.

For everyone
to whom much is given,
from him
much will be required.”

Luke 12:48

Those words, spoken by Jesus and recorded for us by Dr. Luke roughly 2000 years ago, are so applicable to my life now.

From where I stand, I am overflowing with abundant gifts. As some of you may know, my wife and I built a new house this past year. We moved in weeks ago and are thrilled with this new home God has blessed us with! Our church is growing. At my workplace, product demand, revenue, and income are at an all-time high.

Here at Homeschool Iowa, the same is true. We budgeted with a deficit, planning to spend from cash reserves, but God overwhelmed us with the needed income to more than cover our budget by year end.

  • Our annual Capitol Day event had record attendance.
  • Our 2023 Conference was a smashing success.
  • And our part-time executive director, Aaron Neely, devoted his first year of leadership toward implementing new initiatives made possible through the funding you, our generous donors, provided.

We just wrapped up a 5-year strategic plan and are rejoicing to see how God enabled us to move forward in all our major objectives. Indeed, much has been given to us, and you have been a part of this blessing. We are incredibly grateful.

But it is not sufficient
to simply be thankful

God calls us
to be good stewards
and to step out again
in faith for the future.

My coworker was reminding me that effective ownership means plowing earnings back into the business to enable more growth.

Likewise, our Homeschool Iowa team has the great opportunity, and a correlating responsibility, to implement meaningful projects for the Iowa homeschooling community with the funds supplied by your generous giving.

In fact, with the completion of our 5-year strategic plan in 2023, the Homeschool Iowa board of directors has been working on renewing our vision and assembling a formulated plan of action for the next five years.

With God’s guidance and help, we want to use the unique position into which He has placed us to influence and shape the landscape of education and family discipleship in Iowa.

Please Allow Me
to Share Some Highlights

Fueling for the Future Highlight #1


We desire to influence the greater culture for and through Christ-centered discipleship.

There are many ideas on how this could be done. Our goals here range from establishing a parental mentorship program and providing grants to support groups and co-ops, to connecting more effectively with local churches through a pastor’s conference, and promoting greater homeschool opportunities for parent-led extracurricular activities and sports programs.

Fueling for the Future Highlight #2


We will continue to guide and shape the policies that oversee and regulate home education in Iowa.

This is one of Homeschool Iowa's top priorities: to protect homeschool freedom in our state. This will require a strong Advocacy Team, support for our paid lobbyist, and expanded grassroots connections.



We plan to further adapt Homeschool Iowa as an organization to better support our God-given mission in today’s ever-changing world.

Our goals are to hone our branding and messaging, seek ways to grow and further diversify our revenue streams, and build up our Homeschool Iowa teams with more volunteers and paid staff.

Does this vision
resonate with you?

Will you partner with us
to build on past successes
and execute this expanded vision?

If so, I invite you to donate to our year-end fund today.

With added staff and new initiatives, our expenses are on track to exceed our funding by over $60,000.

We need your help more than ever to be able to fund our Homeschool Iowa mission.

Will you join us?

Will you help us fund the continued work and growth of Homeschool Iowa?

Would you consider giving
$5, $50, $500, or even $5,000
to help us achieve our
"Fueling for the Future" targeted goal?

Our Goal Is to Reach $60,000

At this same time last year, our expenses were on track to exceed our funding by over $50,000. Yet, with your partnership and generous giving, God abundantly met and surpassed our needs and allowed us to move forward with new initiatives.

Inspired by Luke 12:48, we again press toward the future in faith, motivated by the growth from your giving, with plans to increase our homeschool freedoms and expand our services to Iowa home educators for the glory of God.

Partner with us
in this exciting
continued chapter of growth

in the Homeschool Iowa movement!


Be a Part of
for the Future!

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