Divine Appointments

Divine Appointments

Divine appointments, instances of God's hand directing our homeschooling, are incredible experiences. Here's an example.

I reacted with surprise when I saw the name appear on my phone as I reached to answer it.

The call was from a homeschooling friend – one who had started homeschooling when I had, back in the 1980's. I hadn't seen her or talked to her in years.

The Invitation


She sounded just the same as she cheerfully chirped, "How'd you like to join me for Mom's Morning Out?"

Ah, Mom's Morning Out!

In those early years, when home education was so new, and when communication tools like email, texting, and Facebook messaging were totally unknown, Mom's Morning Out was a scheduled event, often once a month, for our homeschooling moms' support group to gather for fellowship and encouragement.

"Mom's Morning Out? Tomorrow morning at 10:00am? Sounds great!" I replied.

The Meeting


When I walked in the tiny local cafe, I spotted my friend sitting at a table in the back of the room. As I walked toward her, I passed a group of about eight young women sitting around two pushed-together tables, enjoying their breakfasts, coffee, and conversation.

I thought to myself, "Well, the next generation can enjoy 'Mom's Morning Out' too!"

The Divine Appointment


My friend and I hugged, exchanging pleasantries, and just as we had taken our seats, another member of our old group of local homeschooling pioneer moms walked in to join us. More hugs ensued.

We draped our coats over our chairs and walked together up to the counter to place our orders.

At that moment, one of the young moms in the group of eight turned and said, "Are you Julie?"

When I replied that I was indeed "Julie," she introduced herself as the contact person for the current local homeschool support group!

Immediate introductions were made all around, and we had a delightful time chatting. My friends and I shared how we were having a "Mom's Morning Out" reunion, and the young moms shared how they were holding one of their twice-per-semester planning meetings.

Even now, as I think back on that pleasant experience, I am awed by how God brought together two generations of local homeschooling moms – on the same day – in the same little cafe – the seasoned veterans, through a spontaneous invitation on the night before – and the youthful successors, by scheduled appointment on that particular day only.

And, this is not an isolated incident!

God is at work, always and everywhere, designing his divine appointments.

They may not always be as obvious as this one, but they happen continually.

Ask God to open your spiritual eyes to see them – and to give Him the glory!

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