Battling Misinformation

Battling Misinformation
The Iowa Legislature is now in session, and we're hearing that there's a lot of confusion and misinformation floating around the state capitol building.
We shouldn't be surprised, considering the recent attacks against homeschooling freedom from sources like the Des Moines Register editorial staff. (Read more about that here.)
What can you, a homeschooling parent "out in the cheap seats," do in response to this situation?

Small Steps Toward Making a Big Difference

Here are just a few suggestions that you could follow to impact the impression held by those in the media and the legislature. 
– OFFER respectful comments on published articles and editorials.

– SEND a personal note to your legislator sharing the positive aspects of your homeschool. Share links to our website that clearly present the definitions and requirements for current Iowa homeschooling options:

– BRING your family to Homeschool Iowa Capitol Day on March 13. 
– POST real-life photos displaying your loving, intentionally-homeschooling family on social media, like Facebook and Instagram. Include hashtags, like #thisishomeschool and #homeschooliowa. Here's our Instagram Challenge as a starter.

reliable research on this subject, like the federal government's CECANF study and NHERI's summary report.
– SHARE informative articles like Israel Wayne's Homeschooling and Abuse and Tenebras Lux's No, Homeschooling Is NOT a Sickening Danger.  

Do you have other ideas? Share them with us! 

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