Snapology Homeschool Sessions in Cedar Rapids


Feb 10 2023


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Snapology Homeschool Session 2-10-23

Snapology Homeschool Session 2-10-23

Responsive Robotics Camp with Cubelets®

Friday, Feb 10,  2023
Ages 6-12

In this challenge-focused program, your student will begin to develop their computational thinking skills by playing with modular, robotic cubes known as Cubelets®! Imagine this - every way your student snaps the magnetic cubes together creates a unique robot, but what really matters is how they figure out the perfect robot recipe to solve a challenge. They will work in small teams to figure out how to create energy-efficient lighthouses, racer bots, maze-solvers, goofy animals, and so much more! Is your student ready to play and tinker all day with Snapology?

More information here.

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