Oct 02 2019


9:15 am - 10:15 am

Science Center of Iowa Homeschool Workshops 2019-2020

Looking for experiences and programming that supplement your homechool science curriculum?

SCI homeschool programming supports the Iowa Core and National Science Standards and is accurate, relevant and fun! Your Science Center of Iowa experience will reflect the quality of our fully accredited institution, endorsed by AAM and ASTC.

Homeschool Science Series

With hands-on workshops for students and parents, the Homeschool Science Series is a unique opportunity for homeschoolers to enhance their curriculum through STEM programming led by SCI staff.

Workshops also provide an opportunity for homeschoolers to share ideas and expand their network of like-minded learners.

The Homeschool Science Series will be held in SCI’s lab spaces and experience platforms. Each workshop will provide ideas and a challenge related to that session's theme.

Find more information at the SCI website:

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