Oct 05 2023


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Science Center of Iowa Homeschool Science Series: October 2023

Science Center of Iowa Homeschool Science Series: October 2023

With hands-on workshops for students and parents, the Homeschool Science Series is a unique opportunity for homeschoolers to enhance their curriculum through STEM programming led by SCI staff. Workshops also provide an opportunity for homeschoolers to share ideas and expand their network of like-minded learners.

Fall 2023 Workshops

In celebration of SCI hosting the traveling exhibit Cats & Dogs The Exhibition, our homeschool workshops will focus on our furry pets - cats and dogs.

Upcoming Workshops:

October 5 - “What Big Ears You Have!” – Learn how the shape of cat’s and dog’s ears affect their hearing and how they compares to human ears.


October 12 - “Why Whiskers?” – Explore the importance of whiskers in both cats and dogs and how they help them “see” by sensing movement through air currents.


October 19 - “Enriching Their Environments!” – Create a virtual “cat room” using computer-aided design and understanding of what cats need to mimic their natural environment.


October 26 - “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!” – Understand how different dog breed have been created based on selecting different adaptations and genetic traits.


Class Logistics & Safety Precautions

Homeschool Science Series workshops will take place in person at the Science Center of Iowa. During each session, students will meet with SCI staff to explore the topic while parents participate in a free concurrent session.


  • Individual Class: $19 per child; $11 for SCI members
  • Fall 2023 Series (all classes): $76 per child; $44 for SCI members
    Please Note: The All Workshops Package option is only available until October 5


Contact the Education Team at [email protected].

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