We are pleased, once again, to offer a professional development activity through Heartland AEA for teacher license renewal credit at our annual Homeschool Iowa Conference.

In 2021, our conference is scheduled on June 18-19.

To register for this professional activity, a participant must complete two signup steps:

Signup Step #1

Register for the 2021 Homeschool Iowa Conference and pay the conference registration fee.

Signup Step #2

Use the AEA Professional Learning system to register and pay for the 2021 Homeschool Iowa Conference professional activity.


All 15 Hours Onsite

This year, all course contact hours must be completed during the actual event hours.

Participants can utilize hours within these conference hours to complete meet course requirements:

• Homeschooling 101 Session
Thursday, June 17, 7:00-8:30pm

• Conference Sessions
Friday, June 18

• Conference Sessions
Saturday, June 19

Special New Option

A new option has been added this year, after many requests from past participants.

We were able to work out an arrangement through which course participants can log up to 2 contact hours collaborating with speakers and exhibitors in designated sessions.

This will include featured exhibit hall sessions.

Complete information on this new option will be presented in the Friday morning course orientation workshop at 10:00am.

Plan to attend the orientation if you want to use this new option.

Special Teacher-Only Events

Teacher Course Orientation Workshop

Friday, June 18

Provides complete instructions for course, 
including directions on how to complete
the new opportunity to log time spent 
collaborating with exhibitors and speakers.

A helpful Q&A session will also be offered 
with a panel of experienced supervising teachers.

Solving Curriculum Dilemmas  Workshop

Saturday, June 19

Sara Carothers, 
Rainbow Resource Consultant since 1992,
will be the speaker.

 She will offer advice and ideas 
for you to use when offering assistance 
to homeschooling families searching for curricula.

Additional Details
Course Materials

All course participants will be required to complete a professional development activity assignment.

The assignment will include a section for logging the 15 contact hours completed to meet the requirement for the course.

The assignment will also include areas in which participants will share descriptions of the strategies, methods, insights, and/or resources about which they learned in each of the keynotes, workshops, or optional speaker/exhibitor collaboration project sessions they completed to meet the activity minimum requirement of 15 hours.

The professional development activity assignment can be completed using our Teacher Credit Course Online Form or the traditional print version. 

Because the assignment cannot be completed before the conference commences, the form will not be made available until immediately before the conference..

A link to the online form and a PDF copy of the print form will be emailed to all participants who are registered in advance on the AEA system for this course.

Print versions of the assignment packet, which also include the link to the online version, will be available at the Friday morning orientation workshop and at the Homeschool Iowa Information booth in the foyer near registration check-in area.

Attendance and Makeup Policies

All course participants must complete the equivalent of 15 contact hours of collaborative instruction.

Only those who meet this requirement and submit a fully-completed course assignment will be eligible to receive a passing grade for the teacher renewal credit.

The 90-minute course orientation workshop will be held at 10:30am on Friday, June 18. The orientation will provide an overview of the credit course procedures and requirements and can be applied toward the 15-hour requirement.

The orientation workshop will also include a helpful Teacher Panel Q&A session as well as detailed instructions on how the new speaker/exhibitor collaboration opportunity can be completed for up to 2 contact hours.

Check the conference schedule to determine which workshops you will attend toward completing the required 15 contact hours.

PLEASE NOTE: The Make & Take & special meal workshops have limited openings and require extra fees.

There is no provision for makeup due to lack of attendance. 

If participants do not attend the conference or are not able to complete at least 15 contact hours onsite at the conference, they will not be allowed to complete the assignment and therefore, will not receive credit for this course.

Course Transcripts

Heartland AEA does not mail transcripts.

After the course concludes, the assignment submission deadline passes, and the instructor has finished reviewing the assignments and submitting grades, participants will receive an email that their transcript is available to download from their account in the AEA Professional Learning online system.


You may direct questions about Homeschool Iowa teacher credit course details to: teachercredit@homeschooliowa.org.


"A teacher affects eternity;
he can never tell where his influence stops."

~Henry Adams


Join Us at the 2021 Homeschool Iowa Conference!